2nd Annual Robert Grosseteste Lecture in Astrophysics

Maths & Physics News

Planets and Pulsations: The New Keplerian Revolution

a public lecture by

Professor Don Kurtz

Jeremiah Horrocks Institute, the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK

Wednesday, 6 December 2017,

6:00-7:20 pm

Newton Lecture Theatre  INB0114 in the Isaac Newton building, University of Lincoln

Eventbrite - Annual Robert Grosseteste Lecture in Astrophysics

One of the biggest questions humans can ask is, “Are we alone?” Does Earth harbour the only life in the universe? Everyone has an opinion on this question, but as scientists, we want to know. A first step is to find other planets like the Earth, planets with rocky surfaces and liquid water where conditions are similar to home. The Kepler Space Mission has done this. With the discovery of nearly 5000 planets orbiting other stars Kepler has revolutionised our view. It has found entire solar systems orbiting other stars and it has even found planets orbiting double stars: Yes, Luke Skywalker’s fictional home planet Tatooine really does…

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  1. Mike Hall says:

    Excellent venue (not easy to find!), excellent presentation and delivery.


  2. Dean Bird says:

    Excellent! A thoroughly enjoyable and insightful lecture. Many thanks.

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  3. Phil Harpham says:

    A truly fantastic lecture – many thanks Prof. Kurtz and well done Lincoln University. This was the third lecture I have attended this year and it was by far the best (that’s not saying the others weren’t also good!) . Interesting, informative and inspiring. I look forward to the forthcoming lectures, thanks again!

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  4. Helena Burman says:

    Fantastic lecture which was easy and interesting to follow. I attended with my 16 year old son who is wanting to study astrophysics who equally enjoyed it and continues to work towards his goal of studying astrophysics.

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  5. Ruth Edwards says:

    Prof. Kurtz’s lecture was outstanding. His speech, graphics and animations were excellent, providing a clear and lucid introduction to his fascinating studies and discoveries, and delivered with delightful good humour.
    I am grateful to Lincoln University for providing these stimulating and informative lectures to the general public.

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  6. Simon Leach says:

    This was a high quality lecture given by a professor with the subject at his finger tips. He brought to life a complex subject, asteroseismology, and put it in terms that the audience appreciated and understood. The slides, the videos, the audios were magnificent. His students are lucky people who I am sure will be inspired to follow asteroseismology or any path that he wishes to lead them down. If all lectures in the school of mathematics are of this quality then the lecture theatre will not be big enough

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  7. Thank you, Hugh. We hope Don will come to Lincoln again.


  8. Mick Morton says:

    As a space educator in Lincolnshire I know that there are not too many opportunities in this part of the country to attend a lecture from a top space scientist. I hope that the university can continue to present these lectures. Don Kurtz talk was informative and entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  9. Hugh Williams says:

    Probably the most interesting and well presented lecture I have heard in years. I hope it was recorded.

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    1. Thank you, Hugh. We hope Don will come to Lincoln again.


  10. Rob Wheeler says:

    A brilliant lecture. Not just for the gripping graphics but for the explanation of what could be learned from the Kepler data and how stellar models could enable deductions to be drawn about the processes within distant stars.

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    1. Thank you, Rob. We hope to see you on our next lecture.


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